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Wildly Free

By October 9, 2014Uncategorized

ID-100145963Please don’t attempt to contain me, confine me to your ideals of what you want me to be ..the stories, concepts, and mechanisms that will make you temporarily feel safe and happy.
Please don’t expect me to conform to some box of preconceived notions of what a woman should be, should act like, “should” anything.
I am wild.
I am open, spontaneous, and incredibly unpredictable.
I am charismatic, undefined, mysterious, and bursting with eye-blundering light.
If you can’t stand by my flame, go somewhere darker.
This light will not dim because it squelches your stories as you get closer.
Join the light, or step away. But don’t attempt to pull me into your darker realms.
I am here to shine.
I am here to be.
I am here to illuminate as spacious nothingness; vast all-ness.
Please don’t attempt to contain this light.
It cannot be contained.
It can only shine bright, wide, long, deep, and penetrate every square inch of the darkest of places.
Be wild.
Be free.
Be everything.
Be nothing.
Don’t be “anybody”.
You don’t have to be anything.
You already are everything.

Carole Griggs, Ph.D. 2014


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