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Fully Present

By July 31, 2014Uncategorized

ID-10036124Your ability to be fully present is 100% dependent on, and in direct degree/proportion to, your ability to ‘hold it all’ ..your ability to be open to, and allow anything to arise – all paradoxes, all discomfort, all uncertainty, all unknowns, all pain… available to anything that could possibly arise without the hyper vigilance to filter, deflect, and sift out that which you “want” and/or “don’t want” to show up, experience, and fully feel. Without this vast openness – this vast availability – you will be lost in the dream-world of thought and/or lost in the avoidance tactics of distractive activity (and/or addiction)… all of which breeds the feelings of being separate, alone, confused, dissatisfied, and detached from love, joy, and the fullness of life itself.

Carole Griggs, Ph.D. 2014 ©


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