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Free Fall in the Unknown

By September 12, 2014Uncategorized

ID-100262203Life is an endless losing of what you think you know. It’s an endless losing of who you think you are. This constant feeling of losing, dying of belief, and grasping for the next concept is the root of suffering. This undoing – peeling of the onion – can be extremely unsettling… like the rug being pulled out from beneath you. That which you used to hold true, is seen to be unreal. What do you know, that you don’t want to know? When this is explored, we are often left without anything to stand on. We usually know what we don’t want to know, but don’t look at it, out of fear of falling on our face, with no ground on which to stand.

What are you standing on now? Grasping for the next branch to cling to, only brings further desperation in search for something else to stand on to call “home.” What new beliefs and thoughts about who you are and what you know are you creating to push away the truth of nowhere to rest, no belief to call home, and recognizing the actuality of life in groundless free fall? Life is actually in total free fall, and yet, we continue to desperately grasp onto the next new thought or concept to rescue us from feeling the truth of this groundless, unknown, vast emptiness. Recognizing free fall can be seen and experienced as a cyclical sensation of fear – in the recognition of the absence of “me” – and of freedom in seeing the truth of Life; Life in free fall, as groundless, empty, vast, objectless, boundarylessness …with nothing to grasp, nothing to cling to for comfort in the restlessness of the appearing time and space. There is nothing to hold on to; there is nothing to find, nothing to understand, no thought or belief that can satiate this empty, groundless truth. It’s like walking around naked without the masks of persona to protect you ….no skin keeping you from feeling life as it really is.

And alas, falling into the unknown is found to be the freedom you were seeking all along; just seeking in all the wrong places of the external, unsubstantial realm of time and space. Welcome home, to the groundless, full, empty, void, of all. Welcome home to wholeness, completeness, contentment, peace, and the ground of groundlessness.


Carole Griggs, Ph.D. 2014 ©


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