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Finding Peace in the Paradox of Life

By July 8, 2014Uncategorized

The Infinite Container that Holds It All

By Carole Griggs, Ph.D.


What does it look like to find peace, experience deep happiness, and live fully alive?

Is it gripping the “positive” and negating the “negative?”

Does grasping one end, chopping up life, really bring sincere peace and true joy?

Being fully alive requires one to be open to experiencing the expansive spectrum of the paradoxes of life.

…that something can feel so totally okay in the midst of pure tragedy.

…that love can be experienced in the midst of utter pain, despair, and deep sadness.

…that we can feel limitless freedom, while simultaneously feel our human finiteness and limitation(s).

…that total okay-ness can be felt amidst terror and shock.

…that joy and ease can be experienced in the midst of massive confusion, uncertainty, and the unknown.

How does all of this exist all at once?

Living from/as spaciousness – the vast “container” that you are – that holds/allows it all – leads one to the experience of peace, ease, grounded-ness …reality.

The tendency is often to make things black or white, yes or no, good or bad, right or wrong …to push one “side” away or pull one closer.

This energetic push/pull movement is painful …because gripping one side is only partial truth.

It’s only half the story.

Attempting to divide, to block out half of reality – half of what actually is – is painful.

Half truths (believed) are always painful.

Our systems are wired for truth.

When believing something short of truth, (if sensitive to it) you’ll feel it.

The full truth, the full spectrum, the total paradox…all of life … brings peace, deep happiness, and felt love.

To the degree we block out parts and pieces of reality/truth, is the degree to which we suffer (and/or experience peace).

That’s just the bottom line.

Experiencing the sense of being fully alive – fully free – is dependent on our capacity to see/be the expanse that holds it all – to stay wide open to the paradoxes of all of life…not just parts we think are true or want to see.

Open, rather than divide, and discover your expansive freedom.


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