Private Sessions for Professionals

1) Coaches, therapists, health and healing professionals, teachers, managers, and any ‘helping’ professional(s) that work with people and are interested in becoming more conscious of the timeless elements that are essential in holding true healing space that allows for authentic transformation.  Sessions are based on the book, Space to See Reality: A New Model for Professional Coaches©. See below for more detail.

2) Entrepreneurs interested in the practical elements in the development and expansion of their wellness or life coaching practice/business.


The depth in which you “show up” – the unspoken Being-ness you emanate and “see” in “another” – holds the key to authentic healing space

“Over the past fifty years, I have been exploring my own level of consciousness and applying it to my teachings, private practice, workshops, and life.  So it is exhilarating to have one of our graduates write a book in an area that is crucial to the evolution of the planet, if not to our very existence. It is not only essential but timely for the coaching profession that we introduce the spiritual dimension into counseling, psychotherapy and coaching. Carole’s book offers a clear and workable guide for this evolution to take place.  I strongly recommend it to all coaches, no matter what area they specialize in.”

Irv S. Katz, Ph.D., renowned psychologist and Chancellor of International University of Professional Studies




Private sessions are based on the book, “Space to See Reality: A New Model for Professional Coaches©.”  This book contains the timeless elements in interacting with clients and patients in a way that deeply touches and joins from the very essence of the unseen and ungraspable, cultivating an environment and interaction/relation supportive to deep transformation, the depth and richness in holding a container of space ripe for healing and authentic change.  This book, course, and sessions touch into how the professional “sees” him/herself, the mirror in which he/she “sees” the client/patient, how he/she simply ‘be’ with another, and the incredible impact this can potentially have with clients/patients as an offering for an environment ripe for deep opening, authentic inquire, raw vulnerability, profound clarity, and an inviting space for change.

Private sessions will open up the elements with depth and detail, including comprehensive examples of practical exercises for realistic implementation. You will take a close look at the elements as an engagement with form from formlessness.  It points to and discusses what this looks like in a way that is applicable to one’s practice, regardless of the content or topics of the specific coaching subject.  Although these elements are beyond any skill sets, strategies, education, or technique, this course and book invites you to feel into these components and engage with each on in a way that can be experienced personally, and facilitated with and for your clients.

In offering Space to See Reality, you will be invited to contemplate a few questions, similar to these:

 – If it were true that who you really are encompassed something much larger than the confines of the physical, mental, and emotional ‘body,’ how might that change your coaching relationship(s)?
– If dissatisfaction and human suffering are signs of belief(s) in an illusive, separate entity called “me”, how might you respond to clients when suffering arises?
– Do you listen through the filters of the thinking mind?
– Are you aware of the patterns of thinking that create division and separation between you and your clients?
– If it is true that clients have all the answers they need, how might you show up differently in your sessions with clients?
– What concepts do you believe to be true (walls of certainty), that might not actually be real, that clients may pick up on?
– The truth is freedom.  In what ways are you putting yourself to “sleep” and limiting your experience of freedom?
– How can you listen, move, and speak from this space free from the identification of me?
– How might you see from this open space of Reality, without denying the story he or she is bringing to the surface?  What might this look like?
– What does it mean to be fully present with a client?  Is it simply sharing physical space?  Or is it something more, something a bit different?
– Do you offer clients unintrusive space to investigate the deeper layers arising within them?
– Silence truly is the deepest teacher, and holds the greatest wisdom.  If this is true, how might you show up in this space with your clients?


This book and private sessions are designed as a framework for coaches, therapists, health and healing professionals, teachers, managers, and any ‘helping’ professional(s) that work with people and are interested in becoming more conscious of the timeless elements that are essential in holding true healing space that allows for authentic transformation. During sessions with Dr. Griggs, participants will be invited to experience the key components that support authentic transformation; the main elements that bring powerful healing beyond any traditional coaching, counseling, or teaching.

“Philosopher, Tielhard de Chardin once proclaimed that humans are not physical beings having a spiritual experience.  Rather we “are spiritual beings having a physical experience.”  If that is true, then Dr. Carole Griggs has presented an exceptionally useful model for professional coaches to use when coaching persons.  Her book, “Space to See Reality: A New Model for Professional Coaches” offers practical tips, questions and responses for coaches to explore the spiritual aspects of a client’s life.  It is a must read for anyone interested in assisting others to discover and explore their lives as spiritual beings.”

–Lloyd J. Thomas, Ph.D. Certified Psychologist and co-author of “Total Life Coaching: 50+ Life Lessons, Skills, and Techniques to Enhance Your Practice …and Your Life.”

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