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Overall Conscious Living & Integral Wellness

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Thinking-Mind — Emotional Terrain — Physical Body

….and that which holds them all.

The recognition and embodiment of the physical components, emotional shifts, and the thinking-mind that roll within this human experience is paramount to grounding oneself in lasting harmony and balance in all aspects of our lives.  Chaos in the body often increases chaos in the mind and emotions.  And, chaos in the mind and emotions often increases chaos in the body.  Learning to embrace and navigate the ebb and flow of the tides in all aspects of our humanness can sometimes be a bit of a breath-taking journey.  The more we consciously tune in and really notice what thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations are flowing in and out of each moment, the more we can see and stay conscious to these continuous shifts and changes without getting swept away into old habits and unconscious patterns of living.

Tending to the body with awareness and care supports the settlement and peace in our mind and emotions.  In learning to care for the physical body, there is often a learning curve in weeding through all the myths and misconceptions that society markets regarding healthy ways of living, moving, and eating.  Once you learn how to move your body in a safe and effective way that fits your individual needs and interests, it becomes easier to tune into what your body really has need of in any given moment.  The more in tune you are, the easier it will be to find a graceful balance of strengthening, lengthening, cardiovascular activity, and breathing and relaxation that fit your interests and individual physical body.  The same is true for the foods we choose to consume.  There is a lot of misinformation that can create quite a bit of mental confusion, emotional distress, and physical havoc.  Once you are able to unlearn old beliefs and habits, and relearn (through attentive-awareness and re-education) ways of eating that support our physical needs and preferences, it becomes easier and easier to trust one’s intuition in making choices that support overall well-being with freedom and enjoyment.  Detoxifying the system naturally promotes mental clarity, balanced energy, emotional stability, and physical freedom.  For more information on Holistic Nutrition and Movement/Exercise coaching services, look under the Coaching Services tab at the top.

Intuitive Wellness

Each human being has the capacity to touch deep wisdom that leads one to intuitively ‘take care’ of the body.  This can come with clear direction, a “knowing” of what is needed in the moment.  It may also come through finding just the right professional that can support you with expertise that fit your needs.  In peeling away the layers of false information, it becomes clearer and easier to let into this natural movement.  Tap into the inner wisdom of natural balance – the joy of feeling wholeness in a way that is harmonious, accepting, nurturing, and loving.

“Our bodies communicate to us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen.”

S. Gawain, pioneer and international author


A Deeper Connection


Sitting still with the body, listening to the messages being conveyed, and living out from that grounded, quiet place of being, allows for the restoration of balance and acute clarity in knowing what the body truly has need of.  What messages does your body speak?  What has it been trying desperately to tell you?  When we are unwilling to sit with ourselves, we disassociate, disconnect, and become disembodied.  This results in feeling disconnected from ourselves, and others, leaving us feeling alone and astranged.  When we actually allow messages, emotions, and sensations to show forth without turning away, we stay connected, we feel connected, and we feel fully present and vibrantly alive with something much deeper and more substantial.  The more embodied we are, the less the surface stuff controls our experience.  And, the more embodied we are, the clearer and more present we are to live life in the fullest capacity.  In not identifying with what comes up as who we are, we can non-judgmentally see what may need conscious attention.  It’s when we shut off, turn away, and wall off, ignoring aspects of ourselves, that we turn to other alternatives to distract and fill us up – be it alcohol, food, shopping, drugs, excessive sleep, excessive exercise, TV, Internet surfing …you name it, the list goes on.  If we can learn to consciously be with all aspects of ourselves, we won’t get taken by them unconsciously.  Awareness and attention to the natural balance of mind-body-emotions supports your discovery in claiming freedom within your overall well-being.  Discover the healing power of staying connected to your body – not identifying as your body, but staying consciously connected and tuned in to messages being delivered.

“If we can learn to feel our emotions without rushing, they become the offering

that is desperately needing to be expressed in the particular human situation we are just now in,

whatever it may be.” – R.Ray

Carole Griggs, Ph.D, 2012

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