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We all hear about listening in and around the spiritual sectors.

Listen to the still small voice, listen to your heart, listen inside, listen to God…

But what does it really mean to listen? ..personally and interpersonally?

One of the most important aspects in looking deeply into this is in the recognition of where you are listening from.


Listening is a magnetic and interesting thing, a transformative and creative force.

Listening is at the crux of successful partnership relationships, be it with oneself, family, friends, or in a working environment.  If good relationships are the heart and soul of the one thing that would make this world a more harmonious place, the art of listening is a topic that aught to be deeply explored.

Listening invites one to be fully alive, completely engaged, and tapped in to the inner connectedness of love and vibrancy.  Relationships void of listening have the power to disengage, inhibit, and squelch.

Listening communicates values, inner motivation, and purpose within various relations.

Listening can make or break any relationship.

Listening is “seeing” oneself and another.

Listening is absolutely central to communicating and consistently loving.  What is “seen” in oneself, and another, is more important than what is said.  What one “sees” is what is communicated, regardless of verbal exchange.

Listening deeply is born of humility and selfless love.  In this space, the need to speak is gently replaced by the desire to hear.

When listening deeply, there’s a sense of walking side-by-side, pulling in beside another, and cherishing what is seen or being experienced.

Listening deeply is providing space for the birth of new ideas, the willingness to be surprised by new views and insights.

Listening deeply is one of the greatest gifts one can ever give another. The gift to be “seen,” heard, felt, cared for, is a priceless offering.  This seeing takes listening to a deep level.  It allows one to hear and understand things that are beyond the drama of the mortal playground, cherishing the other in the light of their innate divinity.

A listener, undistracted, is present with the speaker.

Listening deeply is a way of being in the world.

Deep listening is not only being present with another, it is being present to the Essence of the oneness of life.

Listening deeply communicates oneness, creates bridges, and connects humankind.

Breaking barriers of perceived differences, listening in Soul with another individual is one of the greatest gifts one could give.


The most sincere values held in absolute deep listening consist in and around five main aspects: Truthfulness, gratitude, unity, peace, and love.


An individual that deeply listens to another, genuinely values, and has the desire to connect with another individual as one.

Recognizing and living from the basis of oneness allows for partnership relations to flourish.

Living in the space of unity and oneness, there is no separation.  There is no you separate from me; the foundation is “we.”

This togetherness rather than a hierarchical way of operating builds bridges rather than creating gaps and differences.

The more we create separation and division rather than unity and total oneness in this world, the more we will continue to suffer from an inability to communicate and work together in partnership.


A deep listener values truthfulness and honesty.

A conversation with someone that listens deeply with truthfulness at heart allows for an honest conversation to be held, without the fear of manipulation or major misinterpretation from lack of clarity.

An honest listener wants nothing more than for the other person to speak their truth, without fear or the need to feel what “should” be said, verses what is really taking place inside.


A deep listener values gratitude and appreciation for life and existence itself, just the way it is.

A deep listener has an inner desire to acknowledge another person, without the need to change them.

A listener with a grateful heart appreciates things the way they are, and is not afraid to express it in conversation.

Gratitude and appreciation flow from a listener that doesn’t have the need to dominate, but is free to express whatever arises.

Gratitude and appreciation take the place of fear and force, just as light takes the place of darkness.


Listening deeply allows one to understand, to connect, to really “hear” and feel what another is experiencing.  Without this deep basis of understanding, the speaker feels unheard, unknown, and unseen.

Deep listening interactions are compassionate and humble.  There is a clarity that is allowed as another is given the space to self-explore, inquire, and share without interruption, interpretation, personal opinion or experience.

Deep listening gives gracious, patient space for the speaker to go within, to feel and express what’s really being experienced and heard within oneself.  When Soul-based seeing is combined with listening and speaking, there’s a lot less talking and rarely reaction.  The desire to connect deeply, and really understand supersedes anything else, leaving little room for negative reactive response and thoughtless reaction.  Listening appears with quiet fascinated attention, with one’s whole being fully present.

Approaching listening with a renewed freshness and sense of wonder and awe, sheds incredible light and vivid aliveness.  Listening deeply contains few distractions.

There is a sincere commitment to be in the presence of another, and ride their wave. Listening deeply is graceful communion.

Listening from the heart is being open and waiting for the other to speak what is really in their heart.

Conversation slows down and there is time to relax and feel a sense of peace.

An actual sacred space is created between two people when the heart listens.

We become present to the other in such a way that one can feel safe to speak what’s in the heart.

We practice having a sense of wonder and curiosity about another.

Heart listening opens up what is sacred inside, releasing love, utter potential, and inner spice for life

When one is being fully listened to, there’s a capacity to experience the center point, the still space of tranquility and peace.  This opening up gives space to unravel their own solutions, tapping into their own deep awareness that offers clear ideas and progress.

When given this space to go within, there’s an indescribable freedom, sense of aliveness, and full presence that abounds.

Giving someone the gift to “tap in” to their own inner Essence is one of the greatest gifts that can be offered.

Deep listening allows this precious space to unfold.

When people feel “seen,” heard, and loved, they become fully present, fully tapped in, fully engaged, and fully alive.

When fully present, fully tapped in, and fully engaged, ones full potential is ripe to shine.

Being present in our hearts leads to compassion, love, and service.

Giving someone space to be in touch with the higher self…I’m not of sure a greater service that can be offered.

Deep listening is at the core of a more caring, partnership-functioning world.

The deep inner desire to actually “hear” what another is feeling, understanding, experiencing, and hungering to express, opens up channels of communication which otherwise are inhibited and shut down.

Allowing another the quiet, present space to listen, inquire, and explore within their own voice, allows one the opportunity to clearly articulate, bringing about a deeply shared appreciation, gratitude, love, trust, and value to a relationship.  Without these qualities deeply present by all involved, communication is void and empty, producing fear, anger, resentment, distrust, and in harmony.

What greater gift than to allow a deep listening space for another to deeply tap inside, and respond from their central core of Love.

Listening is Love in action.

There is immense power in Love, great power in deep care, immeasurable power in Truthfulness, and incredible power within listening from the essence of that very space.

Carole Griggs, Ph.D/c, 2012


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