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Addition or Dissolution?

By October 24, 2012Uncategorized

There is enormous momentum behind human wanting and needing;

A constant stream of desire to add more and more to the “me” character.

Accumulating an even thicker, denser layer of identification with our illusory self.

Constantly building this “me” that will never be fully complete.

Within this separate little self is a fine thread of lack that lurks.

Nothing you add will fulfill, satisfy, complete, or get rid of this lack.


The “me” that is the wanter, is always looking for more.


That’s it’s job.  To provide constant commentary discontent with the present moment.

So long as you are identified with this separate, illusory self, there will be a continual desire for more, better, different… for anything other than what is actually right here.

An unavoidable, underlying thread of discomfort, dis-ease, and discontentment moves hand-in-hand with this need to “make a better me”.

The “me” is never satisfied with life as it is.

Those times when the “me” appears satisfied, is not because it got what it wanted per se, but actually for a brief moment there was a lack of seeking.

It’s never external objects, relationships, jobs, experiences, etc that bring or create love, contentment, and satisfaction.

Although it may appear that way, it’s really the lack of seeking love, contentment, and satisfaction that allows space for our natural being-ness to shine through this veil of want, need, and desire.

Chip, chip, chipping away, dissolving the deep grooves of illusion, belief structures, and stories about “me” that fog our clarity and ability to see and experience our true being.

Addition or dissolution?


Seeking ….

The seeking to complete myself.

To be completely myself.

When am I going to fully be myself?

Is it when I add more, buy more, do more, be more, accomplish more, make more ..?

Or is it when I stop with seeking, and simply recognize the completeness of what I truly am here and now, beyond this façade of the desiring, separate “me”?


Ironically, we are all seeking the dissolution of separation.

Happiness is absolutely, 100% dependent on this.

Identification with this illusion of “me” is the birth of separation.

Separation breeds fear, unhappiness, doubt, unworthiness, insecurity..

The very things that make our experience of life feel challenging.

Abidance in our true nature is the dissolution of this separate self, dissolution of seeking, dissolution of suffering.


The intimacy of our own being.

The very ‘thing’ we all seek.

Unshakable abidance in our true Self is the end of seeking.

Unshakable abidance is the recognition of our inherent freedom, peace, and happiness as the very essence of our being.

Feed the separate illusory self by adding, seeking, and building a “better me”?

Or inquire into the false identification and layers of illusory beliefs that make up this “me” and experience true liberation?

Addition or dissolution?



Carole Griggs, Ph.D./c, 2012


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