Holistic Wellness sessions support you in reconnecting to the body, as the doorway to greater physical well-being, self-awareness, and coming home into the body.

Dr. Griggs works with individuals and couples to live a freer, more alive and vibrant life. She supports clients in getting unstuck physically as well as mentally/emotionally, allowing one to be uninhibited and free to move about with ease and liberation. A body free of chaos often provides an easier opportunity to experience a mind free of chaos.

Our bodies communicate to us quite clearly if we are willing to attend to all of its’ messages.

Be fully embodied; it’s the connection to everything.

Wellness Coaching

W2W female siloutteAs a certified Nutritionist and Strength and Conditioning Coach, Carole works with clients in finding the foods and movement styles that is the right fit for each individual. Individualized Wellness Coaching supports individuals in bringing the body back into natural harmony, allowing one’s quality of life to be uninhibited and free to move about with ease and liberation.  When tended to with care, the innate and intelligent body has an incredible ability to self-heal and self-regulate.

Individualized coaching covers topics such as detoxification, gut and digestive health, food sensitivities, hormonal health, Organics/GMO, diet myths, inflammation, organs and glands, body weight, stress/emotional eating, blood-sugar balancing, cholesterol, supplementation, and much more. Getting rid of toxins and unnatural inhibitors, fueling the body with appropriate whole-foods, and living with a keen sense of self-awareness are a few aspects of Wellness Coaching that can bring about greater physical well-being, mental clarity, and a full, vibrant life. Reclaim vitality!

mango-avocadoIndividualized sessions also supports clients in learning how to be fully embodied through various modalities of movement, in a way that encourages safe and pain-free activity for life-long joy and freedom in movement.

Private sessions support clients in learning what might be keeping you stuck, and what foods and movements might work best to support your goals, interests, and needs for a harmonious, healthy life. These practices are integrated in a way that is empowering, grounding, connective, and liberating.

Tap into your body’s intuition; learn to consume foods that fuel your entire well-being, engage in movements that support your body and individual interest, and shift into a healthy way that works for your lifestyle.

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* Private sessions are offered via phone, Skype, or at location.