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The Mirror Gift

By October 5, 2012Uncategorized

Those parts of you that you don’t welcome home as a part of you,…
You know, those aspects you push away, ignore, resist, deny, or block out… rejecting in hopes they just go away.
Ever notice that these are the very things you tend to dislike, despise, try to fix, or push away in others?
Interesting isn’t it?
What you do not accept or do not like in ‘another’ can act as an incredible mirror of what is not allowed (by you) to exist in you.
People show up in our lives, providing this beautiful gift of showing us exactly what it is that we are rejecting and not allowing in ourselves.
And what a gift this is.
This is the gift to see where we are asleep.
The gift to see how we are disillusioning ourselves from reality.
Be curious.  Be compassionate.
Open.  And welcome it all home.

Carole Griggs, Ph.C./c, 2012


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