Private Sessions

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Private sessions with Dr. Griggs offers opportunity to bring you into feeling deeply at home in yourself, deeply connected to others and life, and feeling free, open, complete, grounded, and powerfully living your purpose in the world.

“What you are looking for is what is looking.”

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Be Embodied | Unleash Capacity | Live Fully Alive!

Dr. Griggs works with individuals and couples to live a freer, more alive and vibrant life through the avenues of Holistic Nutrition and Functional Movement/Exercise. She supports clients in getting unstuck physically as well as mentally/emotionally, allowing one to be uninhibited and free to move about with ease and liberation. A body free of chaos often provides opportunity to experience a mind and heart free of chaos. These practices are integrated in a way that is empowering, grounding, connective, and liberating.

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Private sessions for professionals:
1) Coaches, therapists, health and healing professionals, teachers, managers, and any ‘helping’ professional(s) that work with people and are interested in becoming more conscious of the timeless elements that are essential in holding true healing space that allows for authentic transformation.  Private sessions One-to-one professional coaching is based on the book, “Space to See Reality: A New Model for Professional Coaches©”.
2) Entrepreneurs interested in support in the development of their wellness or life coaching business.

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Whole Being Wellness


Whole Being Wellness is a corporate wellness program designed to cultivate a conscious environment for corporations and business’ to Thrive! through physical wellness opportunities and personal/interpersonal development coaching.
Whole Being Wellness offers employees and staff with on-site access to various whole-being wellness practitioners, coaches, and workshops in the areas of  Nutrition, Yoga-Meditation, Professional Coaching (personal and interpersonal), Strength and Conditioning, and more. Contact Dr. Griggs for your specific corporate needs.


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Wake Up and Thrive!


Dr. Griggs works with companies offering coaching and consulting in leadership development, personal and interpersonal relationships, communication skills, best teaching practices for educators, and self awareness insights and practices. She has extensive experience in professional coaching, teaching, training, and facilitating groups and individuals, personally and interpersonally. Dr. Griggs typically works with leaders, upper management, facilitators, and anyone that is in charge of individuals or groups of people or those that are influenced by those leaders working around them.


Dr. Griggs is available for booking speaking engagements. If you are interested in booking Dr. Griggs for a conference or talk, please email

–  All private sessions are offered by phone, via Skype, or in person.

– Many clients choose to work with Dr. Griggs on a weekly basis, others bi-weekly, and some once a month, or as needed.  Contact Dr. Griggs to open discussion on what might be best for your particular interests.

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