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Life Wide Open

By September 11, 2012Uncategorized

Is it possible to stay wide open to all of what life brings?
Is it possible to stay wide open to all of life’s experiences, including the challenges, fears, uncertainties, disappointments, and doubts?
Just think for a moment what that might be like to sit in the face of anything that arises, to sit with any and all of what life brings to the surface.
Without turning away, rejecting what shows up, closing off or shutting down – take a close look at what life is really revealing.
Instead of denying what is arising, perhaps it would be wise to see the gift that life is showing.
The gift to see what we might not want to see.
The gift that is actually the doorway into the truth of who we are and what is eclipsing our clarity of this true essence.
Life gives us everything we need to wake up to our true being.
When we can see that what we most fear, what we habitually turn away from, is actually the very doorway to our freedom, we may finally decide to let all of life in.
Humans sometimes have reactions to try to protect from pain, fear, or difficult situations.
But what if we just let all of life in and not have any need to protect, when nothing actually needs protecting?
To simply be with all of it, cradling it as if it’s a newborn baby just entering the world.
Embracing all aspects and deeply allowing it all just like one would love this newborn.
Nurturing all aspects of what shows up allows for this vast freedom, this beautiful mystery,  and this unknown vibrancy called life to be in the fullness, the richness of all its colors.
This is where your freedom lies.
This is actually what you seek.
Right here in the wide open acceptance of all of life.

Carole Griggs, Ph.D/c, 2012


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