jumpIt’s not enough to just follow a set of diet rules and not pay attention to the body’s signals. Additionally, often it’s not enough to just try to go by the body’s signals (particularly when overly toxic) when a little knowledge and clear education can help provide some direction, healing, and guidance as well.
This book will help guide you into getting to know yourself better: to get to know what works for your body and what doesn’t; what foods make you feel energized and which ones cause you to feel drained; what foods settle in your stomach well and which ones don’t; what foods bring satiation and which foods leave you feeling “full” but still hungry. All of this is accomplished through the artful combination of broadening your knowledge on facts not fads, and learning to trust and follow your intuition. This book is intended to help guide you back to trusting your own intuition instead of giving your authority – and thus becoming a victim to – the next shiny yo-yo system that promises to “work” this time.

fruitWithin this book you will read about:

• Why diets don’t work, how one person’s food is another person’s poison, and the conflicting science behind each diet”
• The Nutritional Typing © Test, to help you discover your unique “type”
• Food lists, guides, and flexible recipes for your Nutritional Type ©
• General Guidelines
• The 4 Viewpoints of food and eating
• The mind-body-emotion connection

Isn’t it time to demystify this whole eating-food thing by bringing about some clarity, balance, and inner and outer freedom surrounding the issue of food to your body, mind, and heart? Stop dieting. Regain your freedom! … and get to the bottom of what your body is calling for.


“This book was very easy to read and full of really valuable insights. If you’ve tried different diets and they have not worked for you, it may be because you are eating against your type. This no-nonsense approach invites you to listen to your body and how you feel after eating to discover what type of food is most beneficial and more satisfying for you. It also comes with a comprehensive questionnaire that will help you determine what type you are. There are also many delicious recipes provided, that illustrate how recipes can be adapted according to your type.” – A.C., California