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Impersonal Thought

By September 24, 2012Uncategorized

What if the thoughts that pass through your head were completely impersonal… were merely recycled suggestive thinking swimming throughout collective consciousness?

Do these thoughts that pass through your head really have any meaning, aside of the meaning you give it?

The only thoughts that you can be troubled by are those in which you give meaning to and claim to have reality.

Examine the thoughts you believe to be true that cause havoc in your experience …look deeply and see if they really have any truth.

The attention and belief you give to thought(s) provides the very oxygen for these suggestions to stick to you and be the director of your actions.

We are bound by various thoughts when the mask of this personal sense of “me” is in the drivers seat.

Identification with the personal “me” creates a feeling of separation, loneliness, and estrangement – the very core of suffering.

When you give your time and attention to thoughts, you give it life.

When you give it life, there is space for separation, judgment, opinion, blame, you, me, other…

Don’t take any thought seriously.

Thoughts come and go.  None of them are ‘yours’.

Stand in neutrality, be curious, and simply investigate and see what you find.


Carole Griggs, Ph.D/c, 2012


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