Wall 2 Wall Fitness and Wellness is an app and website comprised of 3 parts: Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition, and Life/Awareness. The Strength and Conditioning section includes over 1,500 videos designed to create a program tailored to your specific goals, injuries, equipment, interests, and lifestyle. The Life/Awareness portion of the app asks about 40 questions, broken down into 6 categories: Body, Emotional, Mental, Purpose, Balance, and Relational Awareness. After answering these questions you will see a pie chart, showing the 6 areas and where your are developed, and what areas you may want to bring more development, attention and awareness to. The Nutrition section guides you through a series of questions to determine if you are more of a Protein, Balanced, or Carbohydrate ‘type’. Once you have completed the test you will be provided a list of foods that are optimal for your individual type. Carole’s team of Life/Awareness and Nutrition Coaches will be available for those interested to dive deeper in the information they receive from the guided tests and results.

Wall 2 Wall Fitness and Wellness is an app co-owned and co-developed by Dr. Carole. Carole is the developer of the Nutrition and Life/Awareness elements of the app, and has a team of highly-qualified coaches working on her team in offering private Life/Awareness and Nutrition and Wellness coaching sessions.