Whole Being Wellness

“Embrace the reality that organizational health propels performance.”

-McKinsey Quarterly


Whole Being Wellness is a program designed to cultivate a conscious environment for corporations and business’ to excel through physical wellness opportunities and personal/interpersonal development coaching.

According to FORTUNE Magazine, providing a comprehensive wellness and yoga program could be the answer to work-life balance at the office.

Whole Being Wellness offers employees and staff with on-site access to various whole-being wellness practitioners, coaches, and workshops in the areas of  Nutrition, Yoga-Meditation, Professional Coaching (personal and interpersonal), Strength and Conditioning, and more. Contact Carole for your specific corporate needs.


“The trend is catching on: Nike, HBO, IBM, Apple & Forbes are just some of the companies that are offering on site wellness and yoga.”


Wake Up and Thrive!


Dr. Griggs has extensive experience in professional coaching, teaching, training, and facilitating groups and individuals, personally and interpersonally. She works with companies offering coaching and consulting around personal and interpersonal relationships, communication skills, leadership development, best teaching practices for educators, and self awareness insights and practices. Dr. Griggs typically works with leaders, upper management, facilitators, and anyone that is in charge of individuals or groups of people or those that are influenced by those leaders working around them.

A few companies Dr. Griggs has worked with, include: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, The Leadership and Learning Center, AFD Petroleum Ltd., dozens of schools across the US, and many others.

Why would CEO’s, upper management, and leaders need a coach? Check out this short clip …

Google CEO Eric Schmidt on why he has a coach

Contact Dr. Griggs:

Email: drcarole@drcarolegriggs.com