ID-100145963What is eclipsing your sense of peace, happiness, and true purpose?

Dr. Griggs offers private sessions for those interested in awakening from a limited, partial, divided, and sometimes disconnected experience of life and oneself, into an expansive, free, joyful, and totally alive reality of who you actually are. Dr. Griggs helps guide you into feeling deeply grounded and at home in yourself, intimately connected to others and life, and feeling liberated, open, happy, complete, and powerfully living your purpose.

Your own state of being is all you ever experience

Dr. Griggs has a knack for identifying underlying blocks and obstacles that can create “stuckness,” obscuring your experience of freedom and joy. UnLearning beliefs loosens stories that are often the root cause of stress, confusion, division, and fear that can keep you mentally, emotionally, and physically bound and unable to move forward. Dr. Griggs supports her students and clients in moving through these areas by pointing to something much truer and deeper within. She provides a safe space to open up, explore unseen possibilities, wake up to who you truly are, and live from deep stillness, fulfillment, clarity, and love of oneself, others, and life.

Expanding Consciousness

Dr. Griggs works with her students and clients to fully awaken, expand, and open on multiple planes:

Conscious-Awareness, Mind, Heart, Body, Soul-Purpose, and Relational.

• Awakening to and as Conscious-Awareness: the deep realization of who I really am – completely unconfined by your body and mind, and by time and space
• Discovering that no thoughts are really, fully true; expanding – beyond all (“positive and negative”) thought-systems – into a vastness unbound by the limitations and confines of identification with the busy mind
• Opening into an intimacy with oneself, others, and Universal Love; providing an unlimited container that is vast enough to hold all waves of emotions and feeling-sensations
• Being present with body sensations while experiencing a liberated, vast, grounded, empty, and transparent body
• Emerging into one’s full, unique purpose and power from egoless, oneness/unity
• Relating to others from sincere openness, freedom, compassion, love, truth, and deep authenticity

How you experience life, is simply how you experience your own state of consciousness. Are there filters skewing your experience of reality, creating an experience of division, separation, and fear? Or, do you see things as they actually are ..unified, fulfilled, and free? What’s your experience/perception of reality?

Shift to a wider perspective and feel the spacious freedom. There’s nothing to turn away from. There’s nowhere to go. Here is really the only place there is to be. It’s here that consciousness opens and perceptions of yourself and life expands and frees.

You are what you have been seeking. Welcome Home.


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* Private sessions are offered via phone, Skype, or on location.