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A Guide to a Healthier, Lighter, Happier You!

“Our bodies communicate to us quite clearly if we are willing to attend to all of its messages.”
-Carole Griggs, Ph.D.

Why cleanse?

Noticing some of these conditions in your experience can be indicators that your body is possibly processing a heavy load of toxins. Take this quick test and see if the way you are eating is contributing to your toxic load.

• Do you or have you eaten processed foods?
• Do you eat nonorganic fruits and vegetables?
• Do you eat meat that is not organic?
• Do you or have you ever used artificial sweeteners?
• Do you drink soda?
• Do the foods you eat have preservatives, additives, dyes, or sweeteners added?
• Do you eat fast foods and/or eat our regularly?
• Do you charbroil or grill foods?
• Do you drink coffee regularly?
• Do you drink alcohol?
• Do you drink tap water?

If the majority of your answers are “yes”, then it is quite likely that the way you have been eating is significantly adding to the toxicity in your system. Toxins can contribute to a wide range of conditions, some of which you might be able to identify with, such as fatigue or weight gain, difficulty sleeping, reduced mental clarity, unclear skin, indigestion or GI upset, food cravings, joint discomfort, etc. The list goes on.

  • Complete Purification Cleanse Kit + Kelp B6 for Additional Weight Loss


This 14-day purification program includes eating real, whole, organic foods, along with 1-2 SuperSmoothies per day, detoxifying and nourishing supplements, and plenty of water throughout. You will be eating plenty of good, whole foods, including a variety of proteins, fresh vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats and oils.

This cleanse will help to omit toxins in your body, give your body a break and perhaps a ‘re-set’ from all the foods and pollutants our daily habits have built up, and kick-start you into putting you on the path to a healthy, new lifestyle to reach and sustain your goals and overall wellbeing. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are around 80,000 chemicals currently registered for use in the US. Wow! And apparently hundreds of these chemicals are present in our bodies. Some research shows that certain chemicals may adversely affect reproductive, immune, nervous systems and likely much more. Some examples of these toxins include pesticides, additives and preservatives, trans fats, heavy metals, certain personal care products, air and water pollutants, and cigarette smoke.

The more in tune you are with the needs of the body, the more in tune you will be and able to tap into cognitive clarity, emotional intelligence, and purpose and direction. Being in tune and in harmony with the body, often requires you to remove harmful elements that can cause inflammatory responses. Consuming inflammatory foods can prevent you from not only reaching your health and fitness goals, but can also be an inhibitor to feeling deeply connected with yourself, others, and life, and living your fullest potential.

This purification cleanse will help you transition towards a clearer, lighter, and more vibrant way of feeling and living. Start today!


Cleanse kit includes:

Complete Purification Cleanse Guide: A 30+ page guide offering the truth about holistic nutrition practices
Premium GRIGGS™ Products (5-6) to help detoxify and purify your system, to bring you to “a healthier, lighter, and happier you!” It includes:

Liver Detox Complex: This liver detox complex first helps to restore this imbalance and then supports healthy liver maintenance for everyday exposure to all the environmental toxins I went over in the previous video.
Colon Support: Colon Support is designed to naturally flush the body with all the essential digestive ingredients, while supplying the fuel used by beneficial colonic bacteria.
Organic Vegan Protein+: These ancient and excellent sources of complete proteins will develop and repair your body to improve recovery and provide essential proteins your body needs for high quality health. This combines four plant-based protein sources – hemp, chia, rice, and mushroom – for an optimal, complete amino acid profile offering all 9 essential amino acids. This also provides digestive enzymes and live probiotics for optimal gut health and immunity.
Organic Greens: These ancient and excellent sources of organic fruits, vegetables, super foods, fiber, and flax, support your body in improving vitality. It’s full of free-radical quenching, cleansing and detoxifying superfoods including spirulina, kale, spinach, flax seed, berries, and more.
Krill Oil: The best natural sources of omega 3 fats are certain fatty fish, which contains both EPA and DHA, which are the forms of omega-3’s readily absorbed by the body. Many people do not include adequate amounts of fatty fish in their diet, and since the human body cannot make omega 3’s on its own, obtaining these fats from the diet or in supplement form is very important.

AND for additional weight-loss support:

Kelp Vinegar Lecithin B6: This supplement provides needed support for weight loss or weight management. Kelp-Vinegar-B6 assists the body when working to reduce body fat. The nutrients in kelp support the thyroid, vinegar supports fat burning activity, and lecithin helps emulsify fat. Vitamin B naturally supports water balance, and is a vitamin often deficient while cleansing or changing your diet.

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  • Complete Purification Cleanse Kit + Kelp B6 for Additional Weight Loss