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Spontaneous Life

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Living in the spontaneous motion of Truth – the depths of sincere integrity …a place where confusion doesn’t exist, internal conflict isn’t known, and decisions don’t happen.  Open to the movement of Life, exactly as it arises.

The Search

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The search for wholeness and fulfillment starts with the identification of lack…a belief that what is here is not enough, is not complete, is not already exactly as it “should” be.  Conflict, argument with what actually is… the birth suffering.

Suffering:  Misidentification.  A belief in separation.  The desire for things to be other than the way they actually are.  The search to “be someone”, to be someone separate from that which you actually are.

What would life be like if there was no desire, no existential need for something – for anything to be other than the way it is?

Nothing is out of place.  Everything, everything, is in “order”, is complete, is whole, just as it is.

Recommended Books

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  • Adyashanti – True Meditation, Emptiness Dancing, The End of your World, The Impact of Awakening, Stillness Speaks, Falling into Grace
  • Beca Lewis – Living in Grace
  • Byron Katie – Loving What Is, A Thousand Names for Joy
  • Christian Science Publishing Society – Healing Spiritually
  • Christopher McDougall – Born to Run
  • Chuck Smith – Why Grace Changes Everything
  • Craig Clifford and Randolph Feezell – Coaching for Character
  • David Hawkins – Truth vs Falsehood, Power vs Force, I
  • Deepak Chopra – Unconditional Life
  • Eckhart Tolle – A New Earth, Power of Now
  • Gangaji – Freedom and Resolve, The Diamond in Your Pocket, You Are That, Who Are You?
  • Gina Lake – Trusting Life, Loving in the Moment, Getting Free, Symbols of the Soul
  • J. Allen Boone – Kinship with all Life
  • Jeff Foster – The Wonder of Being, An Extraordinary Absence
  • Jim Thompson – Positive Coaching
  • John Welwood – Toward a Psychology of Awakening
  • John Wyndham – The Ultimate Freedom
  • Kevin Cashman – Leadership from the Inside Out
  • Kouzes, Posner – The Leadership Challenge
  • Mary Baker Eddy – Science and Health
  • Michael Singer – The Untethered Soul
  • Miguel Ruiz – The Four Agreements
  • Nirmala – Embracing the Now
  • Parker Palmer – Let your Life Speak, A Hidden Wholeness
  • Paul Chek – How to Eat, Move, and be Healthy
  • Philip Yancey – What’s so Amazing about Grace?
  • Reginald Ray – Touching Enlightenment
  • Riane Eisler – The Power of Partnership
  • Rupert Spira – Presence: The Art of Peace and Happiness
  • Sri H.W.L Poonja – The Truth Is
  • Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj – I AM THAT
  • Stephen Bodian – Wake up Now
  • Stephen Covey – 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Steven Foster and Meredith Little – The Roaring of the Sacred River
  • Steven Pressfield – The War of Art
  • Viktor Frankl – Man’s Search for Meaning
  • Wayne Dyer – The Power of Intention
  • Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche – The Joy of Living

“Taking Care” of the Physical Body; A Holistic Perspective on Wellness

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When the thinking-mind settles, the emotional tides subsequently recede, and the physical body can now find rest.  Holistic Wellness, and “taking care” of the physical body goes well beyond the perfect exercise program and perfect meal.  Although aspects of eating “good foods” and moving the body may show to be helpful in one’s life experience, neglecting the thinking and emotional-body has significant impact on one’s overall physical well-being.


Where is your attention?  Most people’s attention is quite fixated and lost in thoughts – particularly self-limiting beliefs that cause havoc, blocking ones’ ability to really feel what their bodies deeply sense.  Losing touch with one’s ability to connect deep within one’s heart and intuition breeds the feeling of disconnection and separation with all of life.  Feeling separate from ourselves is one of the root causes of fear, anxiety, depression, and a feeling of aloneness.  If getting lost in thought, and disconnected from ourselves causes these feelings to arise, would you be interested to discover a way to see through these strong thoughts as they arise?  As we become more conscious and see through more clearly, we settle into a deep groundedness, allowing our inner knowingness to arise and be felt and heard.  With this arising truth, the mind-emotions-body find rest.   What might happen to your physical body if the thinking-mind and emotional-body settle into authentic peace and stillness?

Pure Embodiment of All

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Being human includes those parts of you that feel dark, broken, and wounded.  We’ve all had times in our lives that bring about pain, challenges, and suffering.  Welcome to being human!  Just remember that those parts of you are not solid boundaries to the You that encompasses all of that within the silence of your true essence.  Mental and emotional storms are experiences that surface in everyone – including spiritual teachers and leaders – not just you.  Are you embracing all of yourself?  And I mean ALL, of yourself?  Or are you rejecting those parts of you that you don’t want to look at, don’t want to acknowledge, and hope that just ‘go away’?  What would it be like to allow everything to be just as it is? ..mental and emotional tornado storm and all?  Is there a place of peace and stillness even amidst the storm?  This sweet presence, beyond all the forms that bubble to the surface, is here right now.  You don’t need to ‘get rid’ of anything to see this sweet essence.  This still presence is always here, loving all the humanness that appears to touch your experience.  Just rest.  Rest in the sweet presence that is right here, innate within you, accepting and embracing all of ‘you’.

Conscious Living

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Mind – Body – Emotions     .

“Our bodies are more than just a physical form; they can also be a portal into a new way of being in the world.”